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Ethereum is a crypto network, it has been adopted by numerous projects from all over the world. It is the largest network that hosts dapps. It is also where most developer activity happens in the crypto space. Ethereum is particularly interesting because of its security and ability to host smart contracts.

Gas is the fee that is required to run computational resources to successfully execute a transaction on Ethereum. This fee is based on the current ‘gas price’ and is calculated in terms of ETH.

A Wallet is a software that can hold cryptocurrencies by storing their private keys, which are used in cooperation with the appropriate public keys. There are many kinds of wallets available, which can be categorised as: mobile, hardware, desktop and web wallets.

DEV Token is the utility token that powers the Dev Protocol ecosystem. By staking DEV tokens Patrons can fund Creators in a sustainable way: both of them receive rewards, it is not a one way transaction. This way, Creators can grow while empowering their communi

The best way to buy the Dev Token is the most liquid pair. You can find them on the trading pairs listed on Coingecko. The best pair to trade DEV/ETH currently is on Uniswap V2

Staking is the process of locking up funds in smart contracts as a way to benefit the network that it is being staked on, and being rewarded for it. These rewards can be seen as some sort of interest that accumulates over time.

Staking using the DEV Tokens means that Patrons are depositing the DEV Tokens in a smart contract of the respective Creator the patron wants to sustainably fund. By doing that both the Patron and the Creator get rewarded with DEV Tokens.

The Annual Percentage Yield - APY- represents the financial gain, in terms of one determined token, as a percentage in one year. An individual will receive an APY when they stake their funds in an instrument such as a staking pool, or liquidity pool, for example. The idea behind APY is to convey the true gains of an investment in annual terms, since we’re using Dev Protocol, staking is linear, and doesn’t account for the compound ‘interest’ in the case of re-staking.