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the next generation of YouTube monetization

cobogo allows fans to support their favorite YouTube channels by splitting the rewards of their investment in an easy way.

any YouTuber can submit their channel to receive funding and any fan can invest their Tokens, so both Patron and Creator receive rewards in the form of a yield. An intelligent mechanism only made possible by the cryptocurrency smart contracts system.

how it works for the YouTuber

monetize and empower your YouTube community with cobogo.

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1. submit your channel
to be able to receive rewards from your followers, you must apply your channel. the cobogo team will verify if it is a real channel with real followers, and approve it.
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2. spread the news
you have to publish at least one video explaining to your audience what cobogo is and how they can support you. It is important to keep the wheels turning.
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3. receive rewards
continue your good work and wait for your followers to stake on your channel. You will receive the rewards on a block (minutes) basis and will be able to stake for other YouTubers as well.

how it works for the Patron

support your favorite YouTuber while also earning money.

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1. choose a channel
choose your favorite channel to support and to stake on. Part of the rewards will go to the channel you chose, the other part for you. You can stake on multiple channels if you want to.
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2. stake DEV tokens
first, you need to buy DEV tokens, which is the token used to stake and earn rewards. You can buy it on Uniswap.
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3. receive rewards
that’s it, you don’t need to do anything else, wait for your rewards and at any time you can withdraw them to your wallet.

technical viewpoint

cobogo is a dapp that leverages the Dev Protocol funding system to sustainably fund YouTube creators. Fans can stake DEV tokens on their favorite YouTuber pool and automatically start getting paid with Dev rewards.

technical viewpoint flow
with sTokens, creators can design all the perks developed in Dev Protocol for their fans. In this way, everyone that uses this method of funding can receive benefits not found anywhere else.
even small and niche YouTubers will be able to be properly monetized by their own community. Through cobogo, community building and monetization is taken to a new level not found in web2.

the DEV Protocol ecosystem

Dev Protocol’s mission is to provide Open Assets with a sustainable value capture model. Open Assets are free to consume and share, like YouTube videos, Spotify music, and Academic research. cobogo will eventually support the tokenization of these markets to unleash their untapped economic value.

DEV market cap
the total value of all DEV circulating.
$ 0
DEV price
the current price of DEV token.
DEV Staked Ratio
the percentage of DEV tokens that are staked from circulating supply.
DEV staked value
the total value of DEV staked.
creator APY
the current yield for creators.
staker APY
the current yield for stakers.
supply growth
the current supply growth of DEV.
OSS projects onboarded
the total number of creator assets onboarded.
creator's rewards USD
the value of current creator's rewards in USD.

meet the team

our team works specifically on the dapp to make the best experience for patrons and creators. We have extensive experience in software development, blockchain and tokenomics.

Rafael Lima
product strategist
Jonatas Martins
Mikael Carrara
Isabela Reis
product strategist
Rafael is a 'hacker of life', yogi, digital entrepreneur, software developer, and investor in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. He has founded tech companies in Brazil in the financial, software, and metaverse fields.


our main partnership is with DEV Protocol, the token behind the dapp. If you want to partner with us, feel free to contact us.

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