shared creator monetization

cobogo allows fans to support their favorite Content Creators channels by splitting the rewards of their investment in an easy way.

any Content Creator can submit their channel to receive funding and any fan can invest their Tokens, so both Fan and Creator receive rewards in the form of a yield. An intelligent mechanism only made possible by the cryptocurrency smart contracts system.

cobogo leverages its unique split funding system to sustainably monetize YouTube Creators. Fans can stake CBG tokens on the pool of their favorite YouTube Creator and automatically start getting CBG rewards.

with CBG (NFT), creators can design all the perks for their fans. In this way, everyone that uses this method of funding can receive benefits not found anywhere else.

even small and niche YouTubers will be able to be properly monetized by their own community. Through cobogo, community building and monetization is taken to a new level not found in web2.

how it works for a Content Creator

monetize and empower your fans and community with cobogo.

1 - submit your channel

to be able to receive rewards from your followers, you must apply your channel. The cobogo team will verify if it is a real channel with real followers, and approve it.

2 - spread the news

let your fans know about cobogo so they can support and stake for you! It is important to keep the wheels turning.

3 - receive rewards

continue your good work and wait for your followers to stake on your channel. You will receive the rewards on a block (minutes) basis and will be able to stake for other YouTubers as well.

monetize your channel

how it works for the Fan

support your favorite Content Creator while also earning money.

1 - choose a channel

choose your favorite channel to support and to stake on. Part of the rewards will go to the channel you choose, the other part for you. You can stake on multiple channels if you want to.

2 - stake CBG tokens

first, you need to buy CBG tokens, which is the token used to stake and earn rewards.

3 - receive rewards

that’s it, you don’t need to do anything else, wait for your rewards and at any time you can withdraw them to your wallet.

start supporting

do you know any YouTuber?

earn CBG tokens by inviting Content Creators to join cobogo! Just connect your wallet and get your referral link.

planned integrations

if you want to partner with us, or think your protocol would fit our ecosystem, get in touch.

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